Making things of wood has always been a goal of mine. I really came into this hobby/passion late in life but actually first started wood projects as a little kid with scraps gotten from a cabinet shop up the street from where I grew up in New Bedford, MA. I made fighter planes (3 pieces of wood nailed or screwed together to form body, wings and, tail) painted them with USA or British Spitfire bull's-eyes and went door to door trying to get 10 or 25 cents for them. It's amazing what people will buy from a 6 year old

My next experience that stands out was as a 7th grader in my first shop class at Normandin Junior High. We had an instructor we called "Slap-Happy" Malot. He thought it was great fun to sneak up behind you and whack you on the butt with a 1x4... After that, I kind of lost interest in wood for a while and took up the clarinet (a woodwind.) My interest in building things was saved by my other shop class that year, electric. I had a great electric shop teacher whose name was Mr. Hines. He was a white haired grandfather type that took an interest in students and encouraged them to do their best. I took another full year with him and became his teacher assistant.

Came the dawn, "This Old House" and NORM!!! It was like coming home after a long journey in a strange land. I watched and watched (still do) and told myself that I too would make things someday. After a lot of false starts, lots of books, magazines and a ton of tools..., well you know the rest.

I hope you enjoy my work and if something interests you or you have a special item or project you'd like made, e-mail me at

I make my pieces one at a time and pride myself for doing my best, constantly trying to improve my work and being reasonably priced.

I show lots of construction steps in my pieces so you can follow along as I build new pieces.

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Some other Personal Info:

I am an adjunct professor of Mathematics at Heald College in Stockton California. I firmly believe that students that have shop classes do better in their other classes because they are given the opportunity to apply learned skills. As they say in education lingo, the more learning modalities you use (see, say, do), the stronger and longer lasting the learning.

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Personal Quotes

"I'm not fast, but you'll be happy with my work."

"I'd rather explain the cost for quality work than have to apologize for the lack of it."

"Measure once, curse twice!"

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